Recognize Your True  Master Within And Attain True Freedom And Health 

Through Methods Of Zhineng Qigong in Mingjue State


Mingjue describes the level of pure and clear consciousness, in which the consciousness observes itself and recognizes itself beyond all emotions, ideas, imprints and feelings. It is a state of self-realization or awakening consciousness.

"Through Mingue practice we can build a harmonious and stable state and balance the energy of our whole body. The body will come back to normal function and harmony - turns back to health. Likewise, we can release ourselves from old patterns of control, conflict and fear. Then the wonderful state of openness, acceptance, freedom, peace and true love can arise all by itself. This in turn naturally brings harmony to the family and society." Teacher Wei
We practice with clear, awakening consciousness and gather more vitality to transform the body into a normal, healthy state. Anyone can join and gain first-hand experience.


Every Sunday
(Classes are in English)
8am - 9am PT
11am - 12pm ET
17 Uhr - 18 Uhr CET

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